CDH AG – Engineering Services

Today products are required to satisfy a growing number of design and quality criteria. Complex processes are required to ensure that cost, quality and performance criteria are satisfied during the design.

Computer aided engineering (CAE) applied early in the design stage provides a valuable methodology to optimally satisfy all the design criteria in the specifications. CDH AG engineering services portfolio means powerful software solutions, coupled with years of practical application experience in the area of virtual product development and a keen awareness for individual customer requirements.

CDH AG views itself as part of our customer’s virtual development process. A common understanding of the CAE strategy and objectives is paramount to successful cooperation. With clear focus on customer requirements, we accept the responsibility for design analysis providing a service for our customers in the automotive, general engineering and maritime engineering fields.  



24.09.2018 GNS Animator4 v2.3.4

New release version is now available for download

09.05.2018 CDH/OPTRAN Version 4.2

New Release Version 4.2 is now available for download.

17.04.2018 15th LS-DYNA® International Conference

15th LS-DYNA® International Conference June 10-12, 2018 in Dearborn, MI, USA

30.01.2018 CDH/VAO version 2018

CDH/VAO version 2018 is now available for download.