System Level

Optimization at Component and System Level

Functional requirements are often defined at the vehicle level. This means that to satisfy these requirements a system level approach is required, in which the interdependence of components is taken into consideration. In general, owing to the complexity of the full vehicle, it is not possible to optimise components at the system level. Technical specifications for the design at component level must be derived from system or sub-system level analysis. Given the system level requirements, the component design can then be optimized using simulation at component level.  
One example is the crash design of the seat, which is a component in the full system. The required structural behaviour of this component is provided by considerations at the vehicle or system level. The best structural design of the seat which is a compromise between energy absorption and allowable deformation, is determined in analysis using the detailed seat model and a simplified representation of the surrounding vehicle.


Further examples include:

  • Forward and rear crash management systems
  • Cockpit
  • Occupant safety systems
Further examples include:
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