ATD-TH50 / ATD-T350

Release Note ATD-TH50 / ATD-T350 Version D01.04

 Dear ATD-MODELS user,

 We are pleased to inform you that the ATD-TH50 / ATD-T350 release version (D01.04) is now available on the download server.

 The main release points of version D01.04 are: 

  • Improved neck model
  • Improved lower abdomen geometry
  • Validated abdomen foam
  • Improved contacts
  • Output IRTRACC renamed:   00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxDS0 --> 00xxxxxxxxxxxxDC0

 For further information on the change history please refer to report.txt included in the delivery package.

 Please download the new version directly from the ATD-MODELS GmbH download area using the user name and password originally supplied to you with the commercial ATD-TH50 /ATD-T350 delivery. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact

 If you are interested in testing the ATD-TH50 / ATD-T350 FE-model please complete the Software Trial Application and request a free 30-day trial license. 



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