4th Automotive Acoustics Conference 2017

4th International ATZ Conference on Vehicle Acoustics

Automotive Acoustics Conference 2017

Acoustics and NVH are amongst the prime indicators of vehicle quality and refinement. They hence enjoy an increasing focus in automotive research and development, at a time of fundamental changes in powertrain configurations. Vehicle architectures, powertrain systems and design paradigms have been globally challenged in recent years by emissions legislation aimed at promoting energy-efficient vehicles.

In the very near future, the same or even higher NVH performance levels will need to be achieved with lightweight structures, downsized and turbocharged engines, or even alternative powertrains. The international Automotive Acoustics Conference provides an essential global forum for the exchange of information.



Visit us at the Automotive Acoustics Conference 2017 from July 11, 2017 –July 12, 2017 – Ruschlikon, Switzerland




09.05.2018 CDH/OPTRAN Version 4.2

New Release Version 4.2 is now available for download.

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