CDH/AMLS and FastFRS new release

We are pleased to inform you that the upcoming CDH/AMLS Version 5.2 and CDH/FastFRS 2.2 (revision 179) is now available.

More information: Release Notes AMLS5.2r179 and AMLS AASI Guide

  • Fixes for some minor and very rarely encountered bugs
  • Computation time reduced for unusual cases in which the viscous damping matrix has many nonzero rows and columns, by improving the FastFRS strategy selection process
  • Several smaller performance enhancements
CDH/AMLS delivery database:
  • Implemented support for MSC-Nastran 2022.1, 2022.2 and NX/SimCenter-Nastran 2022.1
  • Implemented support for MSC Nastran Monte-Carlo simulation (Case Control MONCARL). MONCARL runs using AMLS and FastFRS will benefit significant reductions in computation time compared with standard MSC Nastran
  • Enhanced support for Nastran modal transient SOL 112
  • Bug fix for residual vector calculations for bush and damper elements
  • Bug fix for incorrect response results of SOL 111 in rare cases due to treatment of massless mechanism
  • Enhanced support for Nastran EIGRL with MAX option
  • Bug fix for NX-Nastran simulations using lumped-mass: PARAM,COUPMASS, -1
  • Bug fix for excessive information printed into f04 file in rare occasions
  • Updated support for CDH/VAO tool
Supported Nastran Versions
MSC: 2018.2, 2019.1, 2020.1, 2021.4, 2022.1, 2022.2
NX/SC: 12, 2020.1, 2020.2, 2021.1, 2021.2, 2022.1
CDH/AASI delivery database:
CDH Advanced Acoustic Solver Interface (AASI) is a new special DDB which offers a number of more advanced modules than the standard AMLS DDBs. The current initial release includes the  following features:
  • CDH/AASI-PEM is a new AMLS/FastFRS based interface to efficiently solve acoustic simulation containing porous elastic material (PEM) from MSC Nastran/ACTRAN
  • CDH/AASI-FastPPF is a new highly efficient algorithm for computing Panel Participation Factors (PPF)
NOTE: Use of AASI DDB requires a CDH/AASI license additional to AMLS/FastFRS licenses.
Supported Nastran Versions
MSC: 2021.42022.2
Key advantages of CDH/AASI
  • Up to 10x times reduced computation time compared to MSC Nastran (FastPPF).
  • Significantly lower disk space resource requirements
  • Performance benchmarks also show improved stability of AASI over the ACMS solver
The details of AASI DDB are available in the accompanying separate document CDH AASI Description and Guide.
CAUTION: End of support warnings
  • This is the last AMLS release that officially supports the RHEL/CentOS 6.x operating system by default
  • This is the last AMLS delivery database release that officially supports MSC-Nastran 2018, 2019 and SimCenter/NX-Nastran 12, 2019 by default.
  • In future releases only the latest sub-version of each Nastran release will be supported by AMLS. For example from MSC 2021.0 - 2021.4, only latest sub-version MSC 2021.4 will officially be supported. Please upgrade your Nastran versions accordingly.


16.05.2023 CDH/AMLS V5.2 & FastFRS V2.2 (revision 188)

CDH/AMLS version 5.2 and FastFRS 2.2 (revision 188) is now available for download.

07.03.2023 GNS Generator4 V1.8.1

New release version is now available for download

13.01.2023 GNS Animator4 V2.6.2

New release version is now available for download

15.11.2022 CDH/AMLS V5.2 & FastFRS V2.2 (revision 179)

CDH/AMLS version 5.2 and FastFRS 2.2 (revision 179) is now available for download.