CDH/OPTRAN Version 5.4

Dear Optran user,

 We are pleased to inform you that CDH/Optran release version 5.4 is now available. The latest CDH/Optran release version offers the following enhancements and corrections:


  • Added support for MSC/Nastran 2022.1, 2022.2, 2022.3, 2022.4
  • Optimized the handling of residual vectors for viscous damping elements
  • Support for Nastran parameter PARAM, MAXDAMP, N (N=1000 is the default)
  • Support output of structure MSHAPE in csv format in two different coordinate systems
  • Improved performance of AMLSF output DOFs
  • Performance improvement for MSHAPE and MSHAPEF with gridset
  • Performance improvements for MSHAPE and OPSHAPE energies
  • More efficient parameters output for CDH/FastFRS in case of X2PP in model
  • New Ranking Methods for Modal Participation Factors: mag, proj, projabs
  • New exit code in OPTRAN scripts
  • Added CDH_assign check

Bug fixes

  • Element force output missing
  • In case of GPPF with ROA=NO and multiple fluid cavities, an error in answers was fixed
  • In case of GPPF with ROA=YES and MPCs on the fluid boundary, an error in aswers was fixed
  • In case of B2PP incorrect answers with fastfrs=no were fixed
  • In case of frequency dependent CBUSH with "B", errors in calculations were fixed

CAUTION: End of support warnings

  • Only the latest sub-version of older Nastran releases will be supported by OPTRAN.
  • This is the last Optran release that officially supports MSC- Nastran 2017, 2018, 2019.

Supported Nastran Versions

MSC.Nastran Version 2017.1.2 (i8), 2018, 2018.1, 2018.2, 2019.0, 2019.1, 2020, 2020.1, 2021.1, 2021.2, 2021.3, 2021.4, 2022.1, 2022.2, 2022.3, 2022.4

 Supported CDH Software

CDH/AMLS Version 5.2 r086 - 5.2.r188

CDH/FastFRS Version 2.2 r086 - 2.2r188

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