CDH/OPTRAN Version 4.4.1

New Release Version CDH/OPTRAN Version 4.4.1 is now available for download.

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Dear OPTRAN user

CDH is pleased to inform you, that CDH/OPTRAN Release Version 4.4.1 is now available on CDH FTP server.

The latest CDH/OPTRAN release version offers following new features, enhancements and corrections:

Bug-fixes and Corrections

  • Bug fix for errors in pressure responses when B2PP is present in the Nastran job.
  • Bug fix for missing strain energy data blocks in op2 file using the structural grid participation factor (SGPPF) integration method and SE=MEAN option.
  • Bug fix for SGPPF calculations when A2GG is present in the model.
  • Minor improvements in FastFRS license management.


 For further technical details, please refer to attached release note document.


07.08.2020 GNS Animator4 v.2.4.5

New release version is now available for download

23.07.2020 CDH/AUTOSPOT Release Version 1.2.6

CDH/AUTOSPOT Release Version 1.2.6 is now available for download.

06.07.2020 CDH/VAO version 2020

CDH/VAO version 2020 is available for download.

08.06.2020 CDH/AMLS version 5.2 and FastFRS 2.2 (revision 063)

CDH/AMLS version 5.2 and FastFRS 2.2 (revision 050) is now available for download.