CDH/VAO version 2020

We are pleased to inform you that CDH/VAO release version 2020 is now available.
The CDH/VAO 2020 release includes following changes:
  • In the MS-Windows version of VAO a critical issue for the VAO/BSQL has been identified in PREBSQL module. The geometry data in OP2 format outputted by Nastran could not be imported. This error has been fixed. The error does not affect the VAO/BSQL version for the Linux platform.
  • In the MS-Windows version of VAO, Acoustic Transfer Vectors (ATVs) calculated by CDH/BEM could not be saved into Nastran OP4 format. This error does not affect VAO for the Linux platform. An updated MEX utility has been introduced to resolve the error.
  • CDH/VAO 2020 release contains only compiled Matlab versions. Use of VAO is not required to have a Matlab license.

Supported operating systems.

  • Linux Redhat 6.x and 7.x
  • Windows 7 and 10
Password: vao4u#2020
Should you need any technical assistance, please do not hesitate to contact

 More information: PDF


07.08.2020 GNS Animator4 v.2.4.5

New release version is now available for download

23.07.2020 CDH/AUTOSPOT Release Version 1.2.6

CDH/AUTOSPOT Release Version 1.2.6 is now available for download.

06.07.2020 CDH/VAO version 2020

CDH/VAO version 2020 is available for download.

08.06.2020 CDH/AMLS version 5.2 and FastFRS 2.2 (revision 063)

CDH/AMLS version 5.2 and FastFRS 2.2 (revision 050) is now available for download.