TISAX label 2024

We're pleased to announce: Our TISAX label has been extended for another two years! As a leading partner in the automotive industry, we reaffirm our commitment to the highest standards in information security. This successful assessment underscores our ongoing pursuit of excellence and customer trust. We remain dedicated to delivering top-notch services and ensuring security for our clients. 

TISAX (=Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is a registered trademark of the ENX Association.



14.06.2024 PraxisConference Pedestrian Protection 2024

PraxisConference Pedestrian Protection from 3rd to 4th of July 2024 in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany.

16.05.2024 GNS Generator4 V1.9.1

GNS Generator4 V1.9.1 steht zum Download zur Verfügung.

10.05.2024 THUMS vs THOR

Simulation of Submarining Risk in Reclined Seating Positions

24.04.2024 TISAX label 2024

TISAX label extended for another two years