The method of modeling spot welds has shown to be important in the accuracy of the frequency response analysis in the "mid frequency" range which is becoming a prime area of interest for many automotive manufacturers. Numerous manual techniques have been developed, each with a varying degree of success.

CDH has developed a fully automated method of generating a reasonably correct approach for modelling the spot welds and joint information.


It requires only a minimal amount of user interactions, i.e., defining some key parameters as well as providing a file containing the X, Y, and Z positions of the spot weld. This approach has been tested on several practical models and the results correlated well with the experimental data.

The new developed graphical user interface for the standard CDH/AutoSPOT software, offers now visualization of connection information. Users are now able to identify and modify incorrect or missing spot welds very comfortably and quickly.

  • Visual AutoSPOT Viewer for comfortable and quick interactive modifications
  • Direct Import of spotweld and contact information in VDA format
  • Full automated spot welding and glueing process
  • Automatic identification of connections
  • Spot weld modelling process is independent of the structure FE mesh
  • FE model of the spot welds such that the analytical responses as close as possible to the response of the actual vehicle or structure
  • Modify position and number of spot welds without changing the FE mesh of the structure
  • Various components can be modelled independently of each other, which lead to reduced modelling time
  • Supported joint elements
    • Spot Welds
    • Seam Welds
    • Glue
    • Mastic Joints

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