GNS Generator 4

Software for preparation and handling of PAM-CRASH®, RADIOSS ®, LS-DYNA® and ABAQUS® models.

Generator4 is a pre-processor to prepare and modify PAM-CRASH®, RADIOSS ®, LS-DYNA® and ABAQUS® models with ease. Based on the intuitive graphical user interface of the Animator4 software, Generator4 is a very easy to use tool for handling and modifying models typically used in occupant and pedestrian safety analysis. Powerful features for the positioning of FEM dummies and impactors, and the automated calculation of impact points (FMVSS201) improve user productivity and efficiency.

  • Support of PAM-CRASH®, RADIOSS ®, LS-DYNA® and ABAQUS® models
  • Calculation of impact areas and positioning of pedestrian impactors in accordance with vehicle safety regulations (EURO NCAP, European and Japanese legislation)
  • Positioning of head impactor and calculation of impact points (FMVSS201 and EEVCs)
  • Positioning of pendulum and impact positions for dashboard analysis (FMVSS201 and ECE-R21)
  • Positioning of dummy models, seat belt fitting, and tools for automated penetration removal
  • CAD-Data import, geometry clean up tools and powerful mesh generator
  • FEM model assembly and connector support
  • Supports Microsoft Windows® and Linux based computer systems
  • Definition of Pedestrian safety areas
    • Definition the ground height and exterior car parts
    • Calculation of contact lines
    • Calculation of the head impact areas
    • Calculation of impact lines for the leg impactors
  • Positioning of head and leg impactors
  • Calculation of ratings
  • EU, Japan and EuroNCAP regulations supported
  • Free Motion Headform (FMH) impact point localization and positioning
    • FMH transformation and positioning
    • Support of transformation cards and export functionality
  • Calculation of impact areas and positioning of pendulum in accordance with FMVSS201 and ECE-R21 regulations.
  • Seat Positioning
    • translate and rotate the complete seat
    • height adjustment by 4 joint loop
    • length adjustment due to seat rail
    • rotation of backrest
    • support of car specific positions (UMTRI)
    • 'one click' positioning for specific regulations
    • definition of user defined positions
  • Dummy Positioning
    • move, rotate and articulate the dummy
    • internal and external penetration check
    • remove of internal penetrations
    • seat foam compression
  • Seat belt fitting and automatic belt refitting after dummy is repositioned.

Generator4 Highlights

How to display and animate multiple models and curves on the screen at once in Animator4.

GNS Genrator4


GNS Generator 4
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