ATD-THOR Dummies

High Fidelity FE Dummy Models for CAE Vehicle Safety Analysis

In 2019, by contractual agreement with ATD-MODELS GmbH, CDH AG acquired the rights to market, distribute and support ATD-THOR dummy and finite element (FE) impactor models in North America and Japan. ATD-MODELS GmbH is a specialist in the development of high-quality FE models for vehicle safety analysis. The company was founded in 2009 by experts with years of experience in dummy development and occupant-safety simulation. ATD-MODELS GmbH develops highly accurate FE models in close cooperation with the German and other world-wide automobile industry partners. ATD FE models are used in the virtual development process for occupant and pedestrian protection engineering calculations.

THOR is the acronym for Test Device for Human Occupant Restraint. The ATD-TH50 and ATD-T350 are FE-models based on the THOR 50% Male ATD hardware and represent the most advanced frontal impact models in the 50% man dummies segment. The THOR has improved life-like properties and a significantly expanded measurement method compared to the standard Hybrid III 50% male dummy.
THOR 50% is therefore the latest model in the field of highly developed frontal impact dummies and it is used, for example, in the US NCAP and Euro NCAP occupant protection.

Following SBL-B versions of the THOR 50% Male ATD are available:

  • ATD-TH50 with Thor-LX legs in accordance with US NCAP and C-NCAP
  • ATD-TH50-RS is a reclined seating version of ATD-TH50 with Pelvic/abdomen modification
  • ATD-T350 with HII legs in accordance with Euro NCAP

ATD-MODELS THOR 50% Male Dummy

ATD-MODELS GmbH developed the FE model ATD-TH50. The experience of the set up and enhanced development of the ATD-H3 models were incorporated into the model. Therefore, users of this model will quickly recognize the familiar structure and system and will be able to use the ATD-TH50 easily.

Some characteristics of the ATD-TH50 are:

  • Signal designations according to ISO-MME
  • Easy introduction to handling thanks to the familiar model structure analogous to ATD-H3 models
  • Understanding of structure through realistic mapping of the geometries


  • Foreseen for future U.S. NCAP oblique impact test


ATD-MODELS THOR 50% Male Dummy RS (Reclient Seating)

The ATD-TH50-RS is based on the ATD-TH50 with a pelvic/abdomen modification. This model contains modifications to the THOR-50M for improved usability in reclined postures expected in autonomous vehicles. The hardware design is being realized by Cellbond and The University of Virginia (UVa). For further information please click here.
The FE-model is developed by ATD-MODELS in close collaboration with Cellbond providing information on the hardware design.

Some characteristics of the ATD-TH50-RS are:

  • Reshaped flesh contours at pelvis – thigh interface
  • Introduction of unified abdomen
  • Addition of third flexible element in spine
  • Use similar to ATD-TH50
  • Signal designations according to ISO-MME


  • Research on occupant safety assessment of automated / driverless cars


ATD-MODELS THOR 50% Male Dummy with Hybrid III 50% legs

The ATD-T350 is based on the ATD-TH50, which is also available. Instead of the Thor-LX lower legs, the legs of the ATD-H350 (Hybrid III 50%) are installed in this model.

Some characteristics of the ATD-H305 are:

  • Lower legs of the ATD-H350
  • Knee slider of the ATD-H350
  • Can be used in the same way as the ATD-TH50


  • EuroNCAP
    - MPDB
  • C-NCAP
    - MPDB (From Jan 2022 on)
  • A-NCAP
    - MPDB

 ATD-T350 (EuroNCAP)

ATD-MODELS THOR 05% Female Dummy

The ATD-TH05 is based on the current NHTSA Drawings and set-up using already established structures of the ATD-MODELS dummy portfolio. It is a new advanced anthropomorphic test device (ATD) designed for frontal impact testing, representing the anthropometry of the 5th percentile small female. It stands as a potential replacement for the ATD-H305 in frontal crash safety evaluations.

This new FE dummy model boasts significantly enhanced biofidelity and injury measurement capabilities compared to the ATD-H305. The ATD-TH05 was developed in close collaboration with Cellbond the developer of the hardware.


  • Research on occupant safety assessment


ATD Models Features:

  • High accuracy owing to physics-based modeling techniques
  • FE models available for industry standard explicit FE codes ABAQUS*, LS-DYNA* and PAM-CRASH*
  • Commonality of modeling standards for all dummy models
  • Uniform discretization, nomenclature and numbering systems
  • Same scripts for pre and post processing
  • Same session file and application procedures
  • Full utilization of code-specific features of each solver

ATD Models Features and Advantages

Advantages to Users:

  • Systematic title nomenclature refers to the assembly groups
  • Prefix in each title description allows a fast adjustment to the nomenclature of the load case
  • Numeration not overlapping the assembly groups
  • Advantage in pre and post processing
  • Allows selection of assembly parts and groups
  • Each assembly group close defined for itself
  • Definition regarding the master, e.g. contacts relate to the assembly group

ATD Models Features and Advantages

* The trade names are the property of the owning companies.


ATD-THOR Dummies
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