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GNS MDP Crash Barrier

In 2021 CDH AG acquired marketing, sales and support rights from GNS mbH to distribute the GNS FEA barrier models in America, Europe and Asia. GNS mbH is a specialist in the development of high-quality FE software solutions (e.g. GNS Animator4) and FE models for vehicle safety analysis. Since more than 20 years, GNS mbH develops highly accurate FE Crash Barrier models in close cooperation with the German and other world-wide automobile industry partners. GNS Crash Barrier FE models are used in the virtual development process for passive vehicle safety engineering calculations.

Features of the GNS MDB barrier model

  • Inertial and stiffness properties according specification
  • Two versions are available, considering enabled or disabled gravity
  • Highly adjustable via *PARAMETER in terms of Mass, Velocity, Loadcase


Easy Adjustable

By setting *PARAMETER GNS_VELO, GNS_LC, GNS_TSM, GNS_MASS the barrier model integrates perfectly in your desired simulation scenario.

Basic features


The barrier models was calibrated using several hardware tests with vehicle like structures as impact bodies in different positions.

Basic features


Adhesive beams, gluing honeycomb to cladding sheets are able to fail under according load.

Basic features


Two versions of the GNS MDB barrier model are available, considering enabled or disabled gravity in your simulation.

Basic features

Pressure Air Wheels

Trolley wheels with tires of pressure air, getting model motion closer to reality.

Basic features

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