Fraunhofer SCAI SimExplore

In 2024 CDH AG acquired marketing, sales and support rights from scapos AG to distribute the tool SimExplore in Japan and USA.

SimExplore is a tool developed by Fraunhofer SCAI to support CAE engineers in product development and make their daily work much easier.

The SimExplore workflow consists of two steps, where an offline batch process is followed by interactive exploration and analysis. The approach is available as a standalone tool and is designed for integration with other software clients.

Overall, SimExplore provides an automatic identification of clusters and detection of outliers, combined with a rapid visualization and interactive analysis for many simulations. The ability to interface directly with the preferred post-processor eases the detailed analysis of identified special simulations. The calculated similarity information enables an overview of many simulation results, where the integration of model variations allows the inspection of corresponding design changes - a breakthrough in the way post-processing and simulation analysis can be performed.

User Benefit

SimExplore provides for a set of simulations

  • an automated process to detect the most affected parts,
  • an automatic identification of clusters, which are simulations
  • that behave similarly,
  • an automatic determination of outliers, which are
  • simulations that behave very differently,
  • an interactive visualization for many simulations,
  • an interactive inspection of design variations.
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