CDH/AutoSPOT Version 1.2.7a

We are pleased to inform you that CDH/AutoSPOT release version 1.2.7a is now available.

The CDH/AutoSPOT 1.2.7a release includes following enhancements and new features:

  • Compatibility support of output files created originally by CDH/Spot. CG_GRID file is now output by AutoSPOT. Comment lines in .lw_fem and .lw_rbe3 files are compatible to CDH/Spot.
  • No empty .lw_fem and .lw_rbe3 files output in case of AutoSPOTfailure.
  • Improved on-screen message output by AutoSPOT.
  • Improved free edge handling for edge connections.
  • Introduced a new faster free face calculation for solid elements.
  • Support of CPYRAM, CTRIAR and CQUADR elements for connections.
  • Manual updated.

For further details and a complete list of new features and improvements see pdf.
Download link:
Password: spot4u#2020


15.11.2022 CDH/AMLS V5.2. & FastFRS V2.2 (revision 179)

CDH/AMLS version5.2 und CDH/FastFRS 2.2 (revision 179) steht zum Download zur Verfügung.

29.09.2022 VDI SIMVEC 2022

Besuchen Sie uns auf der VDI SIMVEC 2014 vom 22. – 23. November 2022

28.09.2022 NAFEMS DACH Regionalkonferenz 2022

Besuchen Sie uns auf der NAFEMS DACH Regionalkonferenz 2022 vom 04. – 06. Oktober 2022 in Bamberg

09.09.2022 GNS Generator4 V1.7.3

Release Version steht zum Download bereit.