GNS Animator4

Dear Animator user,

We are pleased to inform you that GNS Animator4 Release Version 2.4.4 is now available.

Animator4 Version 2.4.4 offers following new features and enhancements:

  •  Support for modular data in Ranking Dialog
  •  New 'AutoScan' checkbox in import model dialog to enable/disable automatic scanning of model data on filename changes
  •  Partsdialog, additional context menu entry to create a top-level group even if something is selected.
  •  Performance improvements for various "opt..." commands

For further details and a complete list of new features, improvements and bugfixes please refer to the WhatsNew tab in the About dialog in Animator4 or review the file WhatsNew.text in the installation directory

Please download the new Animator4 version directly from GNS homepage

Login as user “animator” and password “eins2drei” to access the download area. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact

Further informationen: PDF



29.09.2022 VDI SIMVEC 2022

Besuchen Sie uns auf der VDI SIMVEC 2014 vom 22. – 23. November 2022

28.09.2022 NAFEMS DACH Regionalkonferenz 2022

Besuchen Sie uns auf der NAFEMS DACH Regionalkonferenz 2022 vom 04. – 06. Oktober 2022 in Bamberg

09.09.2022 GNS Generator4 V1.7.3

Release Version steht zum Download bereit.

09.09.2022 GNS Animator4 V2.6.1

Release Version steht zum Download bereit.