GNS Animator4

Dear Animator user,

We are pleased to inform you that GNS Animator4 Release Version 2.6.0 is now available.

The main release points of Animator4 Version 2.6.0 are:
  • 3D graphic performance of software renderer improved by a factor of 3
    Linux: a4 [-b] -osm
    Windows: StartA4_64_osmesa.exe
  • New curve interface "Rpc" for rpc file format used for test and measurement data
  • Improved Python process handling, this removes restrictions for many python modules like numpy, pytables etc.
  • MPDB evaluation script update
  • aPLI evaluation script update
  • New "Open Recent" GUI functionality to open the most recent result and database files.
  • Added possibility to draw components of section forcesAdded option to control drawn vector/tensor density
  • Improved hotspot search: new optional gap radius to unite hotspots that are close togethers.
For further details and a complete list of new features, improvements and bugfixes please refer to the WhatsNew tab in the About dialog in Animator4 or review the file WhatsNew.text in the installation directory

Please download the new Animator4 version directly from GNS homepage

Login as user “animator” and password “eins2drei” to access the download area. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact


30.10.2023 CDH/AMLS V5.2 & FastFRS V2.2 (revision 192)

CDH/AMLS version5.2 und CDH/FastFRS 2.2 (revision 192) steht zum Download zur Verfügung.

30.10.2023 GNS Animator4 V2.6.5

GNS Animator4 V2.6.5 Release Version steht zum Download bereit.

30.10.2023 CDH/VAO Version 2023.2

CDH/VAO version 2023.2 steht zum Download zur Verfügung.

18.07.2023 GNS Animator4 V2.6.4

Release Version steht zum Download bereit.